SD-PB Discord Bot

V1.4.5 – 15.6.2020
by AgentP



Play high quality music in your channel using simple commands. Reliable and high quality, thanks to premium hosting


Change your language of the Bot with a simple Command. Currently available:

temporary VCs

Relieve your server by allowing users to create their own temporary VCs via a defined channel. These are deleted as soon as the last one leaves the channel


Show server related informations about a user.

In Development



  • %help

Shows you all available commands

  • %set language [language]

Change your language. English is default.


  • %play [Link] or [Name]

Plays the song you want

  • %skip

Skips the current track in the playlist!

  • %stop

Stop the music!

  • %pause

Pauses the audio player

  • %resume

Restarts the audio player after it was paused

  • %queue

Shows you all waiting songs in the queue

Voice (zurzeit nur auf dem SD-PB Discord vorhanden)

  • %vclaim

Take ownership of a channel, should the original owner no longer be connected

  • %vrename [Name]

Change the name of a channel

  • %vlock

Locks the channel so that no one else can join

  • %vopen

Reopens the channel for the other users

  • %vbitrate [Value]

Changes the bit rate of the channel

  • %vlimit [Value]

Limits the maximum number of users in a channel


  • Ping

Used to check if the bot works

  • %info @User

Shows you information about other users!


V1.4 – 10.6.2020

• Optimised the Code, it now uses 90% less requests and works much faster
• Fixed Multiple Bugs

V1.3.3 – 26.04.2020

Fixed multiple Bugs, translation aswell as formatting Errors

V1.3 – 26.04.2020

• It is now possible to select a user language with %set language <language>
• It is now possible to search for a song by using a word instead of the URL (For example: %play astronomia)
• With %invite and %support, you are now able to see all relevant links to support and more
• Reworked Ping Command
• Audioplayer works more reliable now

V1.2.1 – 26.04.2020

• Fixed the Bug, where it was not possible to switch into join to create directly

V1.2 – 25.04.2020

• Added temporary Voice Channel Beta (currently only on Discord)

V1.1.2 Release Version – 19.04.2020

• Released the Bot for Public use after extensively testing
• Fixed Bug with GUI on Backend Side

V1.1.1 – 18.04.2020

• Added GUI on Backend Side for easier use

V1.1 – 10.04.2020

• Added new Functions to the Music Function and further improved the use of the commands

V1 – 22.03.2020

• Added the first few Music Functions
• Added the %info command to see Informations about a certain user